April is over, and not a day to soon. May has already brought me amazing things!

In honour of the flowers of May, I’m sharing a poem I wrote over a month ago. It was written in sadness. It was written about happiness. It was written in anticipation of this day.

I hope it speaks to you.




The day that I’ve waited for is finally here,
I shouldn’t rush into this, I should prepare;
Because pretty soon I’ll be saying goodbye
To people and places, although I won’t cry…
My life will be changing in just the right way;
For the most awesome reason, I know I can’t stay;
Because there’s a man waiting across the sea
Who’s been hoping and praying just as hard as me…

We’ll finally enjoy things that all couples get;
We once took for granted those days when we met,
The syrupy sunshine that bathed every day,
The closeness we shared, that was taken away…
Because when you find love in a faraway land
You face trials you know no one will understand,
But the waiting is over, we’re finally free!
We’ll be wrapped in each other – my baby and me…


Please don’t call my phone, don’t text or email;
If you try to reach me you’re likely to fail.
We’ll be trying to make up for every lost week
and every lost hour when we couldn’t speak
And every lost night when we both slept alone
Every stilted, sad conversation on the phone…
Now all that is past us, we’ll soon be together
To finally, properly start our forever…

It’s true I was worried for a little while,
But life’s giving me back all my reasons to smile…
So I’m off fickle world, and all the best to you!
When I reemerge everything will be brand new
And to all those who weathered the storms of my fear
and through all of my loneliness always were there,
I’d like to say thank you, and although we part
You own a very special place in my heart.

So farewell to my family, colleagues and friends
Fear not, soon enough our paths will meet again!



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