Hi Everyone!

I’m finally doing it! It’s for real this time… I’m not only going to write, but I’m going to share it with you. I’m so [Notebook and Pen]terribly nervous and excited to start this new adventure… but I have a good feeling about it 😉

Tune in (I can’t say how frequently yet) to read as I give the world a piece of my mind on issues of major impact to society… and also on issues that I’m pretty sure nobody really cares about. Let’s just call it ‘Being Human’.

Of course it’s ‘being human’ from the perspective of a Caribbean-born, globally-minded, politically liberal, recently married, childless black woman in her late twenties… who’s watching with trepidation as the big THREE-OH approaches at break-neck speed. Totally relatable… right??

That’s what my blog will be about. Welcome to my world. Buckle your seat-belt, sit back and enjoy the ride! 🙂



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