Last year I wrote a Valentine’s wish for single folks. This year I’m making sure to include everyone; single or otherwise. You see, on the day of love and lovers, one person we should always remember to treat with appreciation is… ourselves!

This year my husband and I are planning a three-day love-fest around Valentine’s day and one of our main goals is to give ourselves some of the attention we have been sorely lacking.

So, here are my suggestions for self-care activities you might enjoy on Valentine’s day. They are mostly free and can be enjoyed alone or with your significant other!

Massage Day

This is one that is tried and true for me and my husband. I’ve done the at-home natural massage using a concoction I whipped up in the kitchen; I’ve surprised my hubby with a paid-for professional massage experience; I’ve been on the receiving end of the legendary after-work foot rub… Trust me, there’s nothing like a good massage to bring you back in touch with your body and leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.

Flying solo on Valentines day? Nothing is stopping you from being your own masseuse! Sure, the back rub is going to be a challenge (although there’s a neat trick you can do using a tennis ball and a wall), but you can definitely hit other spots, like your feet, hands or head! Don’t knock it until you try it!

Long Walks on the Beach

OK, let’s be real… most of us don’t live in a place where we can do this. Still, we can substitute the beach with a park, riverbank or any other scenic location. We can also substitute the walk with a leisurely bicycle ride.

Think about it; when was the last time you left your house without an agenda; without anywhere to be at any particular time or any particular thing to do? For this year’s self-love task, try just taking some time to go out and smell the roses. You can go alone or a deux, both have their merits!

As an added bonus; exercise releases endorphins that make us feel happier and more inspired. You don’t have to work up a sweat… just go for a walk. Thank me later 😉

Bubbles, Wine, Candles, The Works!

I’m completely guilty of seeing ladies on TV do the whole bath, candles, wine thing and thinking of how nice it could be but how completely impractical it is for me. I must admit though; that’s a total cop-out. Anyone can re-create a spa-day at home!

Burn those fancy candles you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Use that bath bomb or those bath salts you got for Christmas. Don’t have a tub? Turn on some soothing music and indulge in a long, exfoliating and pampering shower. If you’re with your significant other, do it together!

This is an awesome and easy way to make yourself feel special on Valentine’s day.

Aromatherapy Everything

When I need a pick-me-up, my sense of smell often does the trick. It can be as simple as using my ‘special occasion’ shower gel or as fancy as reed diffusers and incense for those times when I need to be completely surrounded by a comforting smell. I’m only just beginning to explore how different scents affect my mood and productivity, but there’s an entire science behind aromatherapy…

A good start, if you just want to set the mood for your special self-care day, is to try using your favourite essential oils… or even some herbs or spices to create your own natural room scents. You may already have all the ingredients you need in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets!

Satisfy Your Senses

Why not move beyond your sense of smell? On my day of self-love and self-care I intend to appease ALL of my senses. I will eat my favourite food, set up a playlist of my favourite music, wear something that makes me feel like the most awesome version of myself (even if it’s just some comfy pyjamas)… My hubby and I will probably veg out and watch a nice film.  I’m going to surround myself with things I love on the day that’s all about love.

With a busy schedule, finding time for yourself may seem impossible, so I recommend that you make some time this Valentine’s day to pamper the person who makes it all happen; YOU!



PS: To satisfy my senses for Valentine’s day, one of the fun things I’ve done is to decorate my planner (yes, I know, I’m obsessed…) with a lovely floral motif. That will make me think happy thoughts every time I check my schedule for this week! If you want, you can check that out here.

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