Some of you may know that for me, one of last months highlights was attending a beautiful wedding in Florence, Italy. I’d never been to Italy before, but I’d always dreamed of going. Hubby and I booked a lovely little studio on AirBnB as well as flights on a low-cost airline.

I’ve traveled a lot, but usually I’ve gone very long distances and have therefore avoided the complications of the budget airline ‘carry-on only’ rule. But you know me, I was more than willing to meet the challenge this time!

I had a few priorities for this trip, I wanted to be able to pack light while taking items that weren’t only practical, but also versatile and flattering. If you’ve ever had similar priorities, maybe this post will help you!

My mission: Packing light but smart.

My keywords for this mission: ‘Re-mixable’, ‘Sturdy’ and ‘Statement’.

Check the colour wheel

Using the complimentary colours can make your mini-wardrobe much more versatile. With three tops, a skirt and a pair of jeans, you can actually create six different outfits. If you throw in a dress and a cardigan or jacket, the options become much more varied! Just make sure that ALL the items compliment each other. This doesn’t mean that you should feel forced to stick to a neutral or monochrome palette… coral and teal look as good together as black and white! If you pack items that fit you well, look like high-quality pieces and can be mixed and matched, you will have the foundation for an effortlessly glamorous getaway!


Make a statement using accessories

For your wardrobe to be re-mixable, it has to be forgettable.

Don’t get me wrong; forgettable can still look good! Despite the flattering fit andΒ  colours, your garments should not be so distinctive as to make it obvious if you wear them multiple times. Use accessories; jewelry, scarves, handbags and shoes, to draw the eye and amp up your outfits. For a weekend trip, you can easily carry 4 necklaces, each of which will make a top look completely different.

Check the weather

Limit your ‘just-in-case’ packing. To travel light, your clothing should be pretty much on-target for the weather in the place you’re visiting.

Do use layers to compensate for unexpected cold or heat, but try to be as prepared as possible by checking the weather in advance so you don’t carry something you will never end up wearing!

Multi-use makeup

On a short trip, take onlyΒ  the items that work best for you. If you’re a BB Cream and Mascara girl, don’t take the eye shadow primer you’re only likely to use once, in the unlikely event that you go to a gala. If you rotate between three awesome gel liners, only take one. And most importantly, privilege the items that can be used for different purposes. If you have a moisturising sun cream, take that. If you have a highlighter and blush palette, take that. If you have a brown eye shadow that you can use to do your eyebrows, or a lip pencil that can easily double as a lipstick, take those.

Cut down your items by taking only the best and the most versatile.



Wearable Items

Traveling generally involves flights, trains, car rides and lots of walking. Take items that can handle the pressure. Footwear should be comfortable, sturdy and appropriate for the season. Clothing should not be fragile, dry-clean only or prone to wrinkles.

Jewelry and accessories should fit comfortably so you don’t have the urge to take them off and potentially lose them or forget them in a quaint little restaurant, in a picturesque city that happens to be thousands of miles away from where you actually live!



That’s it! That’s my guide on glam travel.

Did it work for me? Well, I made the mistake of carrying one VERY wrinkle-prone top and it’s the only item I regret packing! Otherwise, my system worked. Hope it works for you!

Do let me know in the comments if you try it or if you’ve got any other practical tips on Glam Traveling!



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