Hello Darlings!

If you’ve done a good job of cyber stalking me thus far, you already know about this. If you haven’t been cyber stalking me… you should be ashamed of yourself!

I wanted to come to this platform to share a very special post… You’ve already noticed that since last November my posting schedule has gone from 4 or more posts a month to an average of about two posts per month…

Noooo…. I haven’t gotten bored of blogging, but as I hinted a few days ago, I’ve had other things up my sleeve! This is one of those things:

For those who read the Sunshine Diary, today I’m officially launching my channel on YouTube!

I’m so excited!

IG Promo.png

Although I’ve been posting videos for a few months now, it’s been pretty hush-hush. I suppose I wanted to test the waters and see how that type of media fit me… (yes, I just mixed metaphors, sue me lol).

Anyway… So far, so good!

OK… So what will your channel be about?

While Sunshine Diary will sometimes share my more somber reflections on life and ‘Being Human’, my YouTube channel – JC Sunshine – will mostly feature more light-hearted material; fashion, product reviews, tag videos and the occasional financial advice video… specifically targeting women in their late twenties/early thirties.

Can you share your posting schedule?

Eerrrmmmmm… don’t have one yet. Basically, I want to wait until my channel is a bit older so I can really assess what you want to see from me. At that point, I will focus on that type of video and I’ll probably try to get one out every week… but it’s still early days. If you do watch my videos, please comment or click like on the videos that you’ve really enjoyed, so I’ll know that I’m on the right track…

Why are you doing the YouTube thing anyway?

The good stalkers among you already know that I talk for a living. I write for fun. Still, the way I make my living is a strong reflection of who I am and where my skills lie. I like being able to TALK to people. Sometimes, writing just isn’t enough. For instance; when I write, the bad stalkers may have no idea how old I am. They may not be aware of my background. They don’t see my goofy, socially awkward side. The see a nicely edited document that reflects my thought processes but not necessarily everything that makes me who I am.

I guess, for some reason, I thought that by sitting awkwardly in my room talking to my camera, I could fill in the gaps. Perfectly logical, right? 😉

That being said, please rest assured that writing remains my first love and SunshineDiary.com will continue to grow and evolve with me…

Okay okay, I won’t make you wait any longer! Here’s the link:

JC Sunshine


Check it out… and enjoy!



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