Ahhhh! Christmas is next week and I STILL haven’t ticked off all the items on my “To-Buy” list!

Inevitably, at this time of year, I remember that the men in my family are always the hardest to shop for. I know I could just do the socks and underwear thing, but I want to be more creative than that… and sometimes I’m just plain stumped!

If you’re in this situation, you might appreciate my personal cheat-sheet of gift ideas for men. I’ll admit that I’m doing this partially for my own benefit, so next Christmas I can re-read my own diary and spare myself the panic and stress of Christmas gift shopping!

Here’s my list of gift options for HIM.

1. A Good Book

Sounds boring right?  It’s easy to forget that books come in all forms and formats today. It doesn’t have to be a John Grisham novel… There are hundreds of genres! You could get him a comic book, a self-help book, a book of jokes, a book of word games, a book on his favourite sport, a picture book of awesome cars, a travel book, a book about food, a set of audio books… Whew! Ask Google what’s trending… Check out Barnes and Noble or Amazon… or just think of his hobbies and you might find a book that would make him smile. As a writer, I HAD to put a book as number 1.

*Budget: about $14.00

2. A Fancy Shaving Set

When my husband ‘K’ and I first got together, he mentioned that he’d watched his grandfather shave with an old-fashioned straight razor and he thought it would be so much fun to shave like a ‘real man’. Needless to say, that Christmas I went out and spent way too much money buying him a fancy straight razor set – complete with badger-hair brush, whet stone and leather strop. Of course, if you look at him today, you can guess that he never uses it. Still, something along these lines would be a great idea, provided that you make sure the razor included is something that your boyfriend/ hubby knows how to use!

*Budget: $34.00

3. A Gym Bag
Sporting goods like water bottles, headphones, trainers or gym clothes are always good presents for an active man. K has specifically requested a good gym bag this year. This is the one I’m thinking of getting him…

*Budget: $25.00

4. A Fancy Ice Maker

Initially I thought about buying a set of whiskey glasses or a wine decanter or something like that… but you might have to search long and hard to find the right ones to suit a man’s style. This ice maker is so much fun though! Imagine how cool a man will feel when he serves his guests their whiskey on THESE rocks. Very James Bond, if you ask me. Plus, it’s super affordable. 😉

*Budget: $9.00

5. A DIY Beer Kit

As with most guys, there are two sides to K. Part of him is totally devoted to his life and his day job. The other part of him would be happy ditching everything, moving to a cabin in the mountains, brewing his own beer and living off the land. This is a present for that side of a man. You probably don’t get it… to be honest, neither do I…. but I know my hubby would love this.

*Budget: $40.00

6. A Shoe Care Kit

We all know that men love practical gifts. It’s got to look good and everything, but most men want to be able to USE their present somehow. My husband in particular can’t even see the point in buying cards! Well, here’s one that pretty much any man over 25 will be able to use at some point! Plus, it’s definitely not in the socks/tie/underpants category.

*Budget $35.00

7. VR Headset

Are you shopping for a gamer? An avid mobile video viewer? Portable Virtual Reality devices are an exciting evolution which can completely change the way we use mobile devices. With this VR headset the man in your life can relax for hours while watching 3D movies or playing games, anytime, anywhere and in any position. There is also a more affordable cardboard version that could be cool as well. I just love how much fun this unusual gift can be!

*Budget: $32.00

8. A Book Safe

Ever seen those movies where someone has money, jewelry or maybe even a weapon tucked away in something that, at first glance, just looks like a book? I got one of these clever contraptions for a friend last Christmas. Sure, it’s a bit gimmicky, but it’s so much fun! If you know a guy who secretly wants to be a spy… or one who just loves books, get him this. He’ll never see it coming!

*Budget: $24.00

9. A Mini Tool Set

This is more of a stocking-stuffer; these handy tools are pocket-sized and can be attached to a key chain or he can put them in his pockets. I love the key chain idea though – that way he can take them everywhere! Mind you, the tools are very small, so don’t get this if your guy has got really big fingers and clumsy hands.

*Budget: $22.00

10. Software/ Tech Vouchers

This very unusual option is for your tech-savvy guy who salivates every time the latest technology comes out. If you’re anything like me, you are a bit clueless as to what to get this guy; he usually knows much more about what he wants than you do. If all else fails, paying for software or a voucher for RadioShack (or his favourite tech store) might do the trick!

*Budget: Whatever you want!

That’s it! I’ve tried to include an item for every budget… but if you know me, you’ll know that frugal is my middle name. Most of these items should be pretty easy on your bank balance – so you can get creative gifts without beggaring yourself for the new year!

Do you have any other great gift ideas for men? Be sure to comment and let me know!



*All prices are in USD and are valid at the time of posting, but may be susceptible to change. Prices do not include shipping.

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